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Topeka & Shawnee County Senior Health Fair & Symposium
Community Collaboration to Bring Senior Support, Programs & Services
to Seniors & their Support Teams

“Shining New Light on Senior Living”
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"Far More Than Your Normal Health Fair"

Why is Event Being Held:
Educate & motivate Seniors & their Support Teams on support, programs & services

Target Audience:
Seniors and their Support Teams (Caregivers, Family & Friends)

Senior Health Fair:

  • Interact with Sponsors & Washburn University Partners who provide Senior support & services
  • Biggest prize if quality time with Sponsors to find help & solutions to challenges

Senior Health Symposium:

  • Keynote Speaker - Shawn Sullivan, Secretary for Kansas Dept. for Aging & Disability Services
  • Also in Symposium - Dr. Robert Moser, Secretary for Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment
  • Define where to go for help
  • Latest Information on Senior programs
  • Identify facts & myths of health & lifestyle choices & support
  • Clarify assumptions & miscommunications to make best decisions for every Senior

Senior Tools for Support

  • “Senior Support Book” in English & Spanish
  • “Electronic Senior Support Book” available online
  • Transportation provided for those in need

Organized By:
Senior Support Initiatives, Inc. in Collaboration with Corporate & Community Sponsors Check out Binational Health Fair, Saturday, October 6, 2012
12:00~4:00 PM, Marlo Cuevas Balandran Activities Center
216 NE Branner Street, Topeka, KS
Contact: Lalo Munoz, Executive Director, El Centro of Topeka Tel: 785-232-8207;